After spending much of the last few months building and cultivating their sound, US outfit Common Crime are now ready to deliver their distinctive sound to the wider world as they release their pulsing debut single ‘Repressions’. Channelling the same broad and anthemic direction as PUP and Alkaline Trio, ‘Represssions’ makes for a dazzling introduction to their aesthetic so far. With its bold and driven textures, soaring atmosphere, and killer hooks throughout, they are kicking things off with a wildly enjoyable opening number here.”

Return Of Rock

Philadelphia's underground scene witnesses the emergence of a new promise: Common Crime. Inspired by bands like Title Fight, PUP and The Menzingers, this collective of talented musicians, with roots in groups like Young & Heartless, have released their debut single titled “Repressions.” The song reflects on past decisions with raw sincerity, a theme that easily resonates with listeners of diverse backgrounds. The single amalgamates the energy of emo with the freshness of pop punk hooks, creating a sonic fusion that captivates from the first chords. “Repressions” is more than just a debut; is a musical manifesto that encapsulates the essence of Common Crime. Catchy hooks intertwined with emotive guitar riffs and memorable melodies underscore the wealth of influences that shape the band's distinctive sound.” - Victor Tellez


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